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What Kind of Hernia Do You Have?

Learn more about the different hernia types, allowing you to better understand what can be done.

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The Los Angeles Hernia Center is a private surgical care center comprised of world-class surgeons fully committed to top-tier hernia repair. Widely respected for our dedication to this condition, patients around the world seek our expertise to ensure they receive the best treatment available.

Hernia Surgery

Our experienced hernia experts are skilled at repairing all types of hernias using the safest and most advanced surgical techniques available. Further, they have an extremely high success rate in hernia repair, due to their dedication to providing comprehensive care and preventing recurrences.


Hernia Mesh repair

During hernia repair, our surgeons commonly use medical mesh patches to ensure an optimal surgical outcome. The material, which may be synthetic or biological, serves as an added level of support for the weakened tissues, providing a durable repair and preventing a recurrence.


Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

A minimally invasive procedure, laparoscopic hernia repair involves inserting a thin scope into the abdomen to obtain internal visibility. From there, the surgeon will make a small incision to expose the weakened tissues, before placing a mesh patch to repair the hernia.


Helping Patients Thrive With Expert Hernia Care

There are numerous options available for hernia surgery in Beverly Hills, and our skilled and experienced surgeons are fully qualified to perform each one. Dedicated to providing personalized care, here at the Los Angeles Hernia Center, we will recommend the most appropriate procedure for each patient based on the type of hernia present, as well as the results of a thorough examination.

Rapid Diagnosis, Effective Treatment

Left untreated, a hernia will continue to grow larger and more painful, interfering with one’s quality of life. In severe cases, it may lead to irreversible damage and the development of life-threatening complications. For these reasons, it is important for patients who suspect they have a hernia to seek immediate medical attention.

Our surgeons here at the Los Angeles Hernia Center understand the importance of time as it relates to hernia care. As such, they are committed to resolving the condition as quickly and effectively as possible, by providing a rapid diagnosis and advanced treatment measures. As a facility dedicated to top-tier hernia repair, our experts arguably deliver among the best hernia surgery Los Angeles has available.

Hernia Surgery Los Angeles

At the Los Angeles Hernia Center, we know insurance can be complicated. As such, we have a staff of insurance experts that are available to help you understand your benefits and make sure you receive the coverage you need. Additionally, they will work with your insurance carrier on your behalf to ensure you get approved for hernia surgery at little or no direct cost to you.

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Our Facility

Los Angeles Hernia Center

We specialize in performing complete hernia surgery and repair, using the latest and most minimally invasive techniques available. Moreover, our staff is comprised of two of the best hernia doctors Los Angeles has available – both of whom are fully committed to providing our patients with the best care possible.

All procedures are performed in our surgical care center, which is a private alternative to a hospital setting. Because hernia repair is typically performed as an outpatient procedure, hospitalization simply is not necessary. As such, many patients prefer to undergo treatment in our state-of-the-art facility, which offers an added level of privacy, convenience, and comfort.

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If you suspect you have a hernia, or you have a protruding bulge near the groin or abdomen, it is important to seek immediate evaluation at the Los Angeles Hernia Center. Untreated hernias can lead to irreversible damage and the development of life-threatening complications, so time is of the essence.

During your initial appointment, our team of surgeons will evaluate your symptoms and provide a definitive diagnosis. From there, we will compose a custom surgical plan to repair your hernia and prevent a recurrence using the most comfortable and minimally invasive techniques available. With years of experience and countless successful procedures, our surgeons have developed a reputation for delivering among the best hernia surgery Los Angeles and Beverly Hills have to offer.

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